Action based monetization

Developers - increase CTR up to 50%!

Advertisers - high quality user acquisition

Tentica - Monetization that works!

entica augments Action Menus with sponsored apps.

When the sponsored app is installed, Tentica will launch it with the original user action.
This leads to high user engagement with the sponsored offers.
This gives app developers a smart and non-intrusive way of generating revenue.

Tentica Facts & Figures

Interesting facts that will rock your world!

Click Through Rate (CTR)

Tentica is proven to reach ~50% on average CTR. This means that 50% of the users who see Tentica's sponsored apps click it!

Install Rate (IR)

On average, 10% of users who click Tentica's sponsored apps complete the installation process.

Lightweight SDK

Our advanced technology is also lightweight. Only 50K. Who said you can't enjoy both worlds?

Patented Innovation

Tentica's patented technology is truly innovative. This unique concept is something both developers AND users will like!

Tentica is simple, unique and it converts!

Tentica can co-exist with alternative monetization channels (such as banners).


Tentica will boost your revenues!