For Developers

What is Tentica?

For develoers, Tentica helps mobile developers increase monetization by using action based advertising. In addition, it helps advertisers target at the right time, right place and with the right context.

How does it work?

If your app delegate user actions, such as Share, Send, Dial, Navigate,... Android OS lets the user select an external app which can handle that action, from a dialog menu. Tentica will publish in that menu a sponsored app that can handle that menu. Unlike other solutions which redirect the context out of your app, Tentica will trigger the sponsored app with the action used, creating a strong link between your app and the sponsored app, ensuring the user has a smooth experience.

What is so great about Tentica`s solution?

Tentica provides real value for your users. Our method increases engagement and reduces churn rates which result in 15%-25% increase in your MAU. Your users will get a richer and more interactive experience. Tentica provides a refreshing, beautiful and more targeted way to help users with their app experience. We do it with elegant native monetization channels, which are non-intrusive, seamless, personalized and highly targeted content that users not only adore, but also react to and interact with. It increases user retention and engagement.

What if I already have other monetization platform

It does not conflict with any other monetization method!! It should NOT interfere or be in exchange for a different service that you currently offer. It should be in addition to it... so, basically, it’s a win win situation because our solution doesn't replace any of your current solutions, its only an extra service which your clients can enjoy.

What are your monetization solutions?

We can support various monetization models, however, we keep things simple for you. We will keep your application clean and un-spammed. No data is taken from your users and we show only relevant offers in the right timing.

How will Tentica`s solution not interfere with our user`s experience?

Tentica gives app developers a smart and non-intrusive way of generating revenue without interfering with the user`s experience. We do it with an elegant native monetization channel.

How much time should it take to integrate the SDK in our app?

Our experts try to make it as easy as possible for our clients to integrate the SDK. Normally it takes 3 minutes, all you need to do is to insert a few lines of code.

Can the SDK be customize according to our needs?

Sure, the SDK is completely flexible and can be customized & configure to your needs.

If we already have an SDK, can Tentica`s SDK be added to it?

Yes, our technology can be added to any existing SDK and can be offered to your clients with the rest of the services that you currently offer.

What resources do you offer to help me get started?

We provide detailed documentation, code samples and a dedicated team of developers to assist you through this process. Each with extensive experience in mobile development, ensuring that you will get the best support possible.

For Advertisers

What is Tentica?

Tentica helps advertisers target at the right time, right place and with the right context.

Tentica is far beyond CPI solution and leads to high and quality user acquisition.

See the how it works here.

Can Tentica coexist with other advertisement channels?

Sure, Tentica is non intrusive and can co-exist with other monetization channels.

Our dashboard will help you control and monitor the way your revenue is growing.

What are your monetization solutions?

We can support vary monetization models, whether it is CPC, CPI or CPE.
No data is taken from your users and we only show offers that are relevent and in the right timing.