Monetization is difficult

T he mobile app ecosystem is flooded with apps, which makes distribution very hard. The advertising marketplace is flooded with intrusive, irrelevant ads mainly from aggressive game publishers, which makes the advertising expensive and inefficient.
Tentica allows you to get above this noise and utilize new ad real-estate which can provide you with the users that are most relevant for you.

Action (intent) based sponsored apps

T entica is a cross-promotion network for mobile applications.
Tentica's patent-pending technology utilizes Android and iPhone context menus to provide Action (intent) based app suggestions.
On Tentica's dashboard you can track and control your results in real time.

Why Tentica?

Intent-based advertising is the most targeted advertising method available. We provide the most valuable users for you at the right time - the users that tried to do something you can do for them instead of your competitor. This is also beneficial for the user - Getting exposed to the most relevant tools just when she or he needs them.
The image on left shows real statistics of an app using Tentica.
Over 1 month with over 12K users, Tentica set the bar on 40% CTR and 10% IR!

  • The right app offer
  • The right context
  • The right time

Our pricing models are success based – you only pay for results. We can work in CPI (Cost-Per-Install), CPL(Cost-Per-Launch) or in a mixed model.

Tentica's patent pending technology utilizes the Android intent mechanism in order to intercept the user's intent and replace the native Android intent-menu with a customized menu. Our customized menus allows us a great flexibility. Our technology also enables us to track app installations without any integration from your side.

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